Trial Weekend and Photos

Dog on Teeter

by: Steve Katzer

Another fun agility weekend. I appreciate all helpers and participants that did such a good job. I would name names, but I know I will leave someone out since we had so much help and I don’t want to offend anyone. Aw heck, Vivian, Terry and her crew, and Rachel are only a few of the special ones.

There were a lots of happy faces including dogs for the whole 3 days. That is what it is all about.

I took pictures throughout the weekend. Not much with dogs running, but common shots. Will post some tonight, not able to do many since my wife’s payment for my have a fun weekend without her is a dinner out of her choosing. Has always been that way for every trial. One of the secrets to happily married 48 years.

I tried to get photos of everyone in our club but might have left someone out, if I did I apologize. I did leave Mary VanWormer out. Sorry Mary I thought you were coming back today. I also accidently erased a few including Lois. Sorry Lois.

The photos’ might not be great but they give a somewhat feeling of the trial.

I’m also not naming names, especially of the dogs, I know from experience it is hazardous is to get a dog or child’s name wrong. A No, No!

I think I asked everyone for permission to photo them, is I missed any one out I am sorry.

I captioned a few. All of you are special I am lazy to do them all and not that creative.

I also apologize for so many post, for some reason I can only post three or four photos at a time.